DIY Sign to make for your Home

The personalized decorative plates are very versatile, they can give that Vintage air, they can bring irreverence with funny phrases, they can decorate with a beautiful photo that reminds us of a good memory and they can give that color that was missing for your walls. Simple as that, transforming your home into a cozier place for you, your family and to receive friends.

Let see how you can build one!

Necessary materials

  • Wooden or MDF boards (easy to find in any craft store, in the MDF section);
  • Paint for dark colored wood or specific for the slate effect;
  • Mod Podge / White glue;
  • Scrapbook paper;
  • String to hang the plate;
  • Wooden balls or beads for decoration;
  • Brushes.

Step by step

1) Paint the MDF boards. You can use a dark paint or a specific paint to achieve the slate effect.

In specialized stores you can find it. Wait for the paint to dry completely.

2) Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the part.

It can be difficult to find it in some places, but you can make a homemade recipe to replace it, mixing white glue and water.

3) When the board is dry, measure and cut your scrapbook paper.

Apply it on the plate using white glue and let it dry completely.

4) Using a drill, drill two holes in the top of the plate.

If you don’t have a drill, you can hang it in other ways, such as using a double-sided tape where you will place the strings.

5) Measure the strings to the length you want to have on your board, and then cut. Pass the rope through the holes.

Use some wooden spheres to finish (which can be painted in the same color as your plaque). Or else you can add some beads.

That’s it, your sign is ready! Just write the message you want with chalk, hang it and see how beautiful it looks!