How to create an amazing environment

Our home is that space reserved for relaxing and enjoying the good times with those we love the most. So, nothing fairer than creating an environment that is cozy and, at the same time, reflects a little of our personality – no living room is complete without a frame. To compose a very original decoration with a fun touch, the use of frames, decorative plates and comics is an excellent option. High in design, these elements can be adapted in various styles and even used in any environment – from the kitchen to the bedrooms or outside area.

Each person has their tastes and each choice varies dramatically from person to person. But what most people can agree on is that all rooms look beautiful with beautiful pictures. To decorate the room, we can hang or prop the decorative frames and decorative plaque on the walls, which vary in size, format and, in the case of the paintings, the colors of the frames. But then, let’s go to what’s important!

Where do I start?

Before you even look for the best comic book templates or decorative plaques, you should find the right place to install them. This is because these items can be used in different environments, whether in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the office and even in the toilet.

Are you thinking about making your kitchen more relaxed and stylish? Great idea! In this case, such decorative objects fit very well in any corner of the room. They can be present over the sink, beside the table, between the counter and the cupboards or wherever else you want!

For this space, invest in themed objects that bring the gourmet concept, as is the case with comics printed with images of appliances or kitchen ingredients. There is also the option of betting on the classic chalkboard that, when used with an interesting frame, adds beauty to the environment and still becomes a very useful object to note, recipes, messages and reminders.

In other places, such as the entrance hall or living room, these adornments can be used on shelves, shelves, niches, or on the sideboard. This is even a good alternative for those who want to decorate, but without drilling holes or damaging the walls.

Where to hang the pictures on the living room wall?

About the sofa: When we talk about decorating a room what people love most is hanging pictures on the sofa. But the number one mistake people make is using pictures or signs that are too small compared to the sofa. The frames must occupy two thirds of the width of the sofa. If you are using multiple frames or plates, which is what usually happens, just make sure the spacing between the frames is the same, approximately 2 or 3 centimeters between them, and if you are going to use larger frames just make sure you use two thirds of the total width of the sofa. For more tips on how to hang pictures on the couch see our previous post by clicking here.


About the fireplace frame: Hanging pictures above fireplaces should be about 4 to 12 cm above the fireplace frame, for warm reasons 😊 Here it is worth a large frame that occupies the entire width or 2 or 3 frames in parallel.

From either side of a window: If you have curtains on the windows, make sure you have enough space between the curtains and the walls so that the artwork doesn’t look too overwhelmed. Make sure the frame is at least 4 to 6 cm apart on each side. Regardless of where you are hanging, make sure you are not hanging too high, the point of any frame should be at eye level, so you don’t have to raise or lower your head to look.

Tips on how to put your pictures on the wall

Always plan a photo wall in advance. Place the pieces on the floor in front of the wall and play with the arrangement until you find one that satisfies you. If space doesn’t allow, use graph paper.

When hanging multiple pieces, think of them as a unit. Again, the center of the entire screen should be at eye level.

On a photo wall, it is important to have a focal point. A large piece in the center of a wall acts as an anchor for any display. Other pieces can be hung at random and will still look well thought out.

If you are making a suitable grid, it is vital that the pieces are hung at exact distances from each other. Once one is ready, even a 1/4 will be noticeable.

In a grid, use all the same frames for an organized look or use frames of the same size, but different colors to mix things up. In a grid it is also ideal for using frames or plaques that are all the same size.

How to hang pictures without drilling the wall

Here is something that not everyone likes: drilling walls and making that dirt in the house or, even worse, after giving up putting something there and getting that hole in place. Therefore, we made this post for you to see that you have other options and who does not always need to drill that hole in the wall. So, without hitching, here are the tips for hanging decorative frames or decorative plates without drilling into the wall:

Double-sided tape – For Light Frames or Decorative Plates

In the case of decorative plates (see here our wide variety of plates and frames for your home) you only need double-sided tape, just apply the double-sided tape on the 4 ends of the plate or frame and position it on the wall. Remembering that this tip only applies to light frames, so in frames with glass and frame, use them in one that is, at most, in size A5; on boards, you can even use one in A3 size.

Velcro Adhesive

Another option that can be used is the adhesive velcro, on one side you attach to the piece and the other is pasted on the wall. The weight supported by the adhesive velcro varies, being informed in the velcro box, but normally 4 velcro support up to 1Kg in peace of mind.

Hooks Stickers

Another option is to place adhesive hooks, which are glued to the wall, in place of the screws. They are used to hang objects in general and have a wide variety of colors and designs. Regarding the weight they support, you will have to read the packaging when you buy them.

Support wall

Finally, we have the support wall, on which you can support your decorative paintings or decorative plaques instead of hanging them and the result is just beautiful. So, you can spread them all over your home, it makes it easy to move them around as you want and very easily.

In the design market, you can find decorative plaques for all tastes – and pockets! When choosing your preferred model, the tip is to consider two important factors, such as the size of the piece and its material of manufacture. Shall we learn more about each of them?

What size fits me?

The dimensions of the plates or frames should be chosen according to the size of your room.

Is your space small? So, also prefer the smaller pieces so that the look is balanced. The same idea goes for the opposite. If you choose a small frame for a large environment, the decoration will probably not be as prominent as you would like.


Do you live in an apartment or rented space and do not want to pierce the walls? In this case, there is the possibility to invest in plates or frames with stickers. In specialized stores, you can find materials that already come with double-sided adhesive tapes. Otherwise, choose a model that is light and include the glue yourself!

It is also important to choose quality materials for your decoration that offer long durability. The most used options are wood, MDF, metal and acrylic.

Discover the different styles

Now that you know the tips to make the right choice, how about finding the model that best matches the decor of the room and is also able to reflect your personality?

Motivational phrases

Nothing better than starting the day with phrases of encouragement that motivate us to reach our goals, right? For this, decorative plaques with motivational phrases are perfect. They can compose the look of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and offices, leaving the space in very good spirits. In this context, choose terms that are related to the moment you are living. Some examples are: “Carpe Diem!”, “Good Vibes Only”, “More love, please!”, Among others.


Do you want to bring more style to the kitchen, bar or dining room and don’t know how? The vintage-themed signs are in high decor and are great for enhancing the space with a retro proposal. Want an example? Old advertisements, such as Coca-Cola and other food brands, are great alternatives. If you are looking for a more classic and sophisticated decoration, you can bet on pin-up signs, vintage cars or signage signs.

Pop Art

Do you like a decoration full of intense colors and a lot of originality? Then, Pop Art is the right choice! Inspired by the 1960s, the style refers to consumer objects or icons of pop culture that were successful at the time. Pictures with Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or the famous Campbell’s soups are some of them.


As you may have noticed, products with a geek theme – or nerd culture – are gaining more and more followers and people who are passionate about the subject. For this reason, pictures with images of characters from films, mentions of series, or symbols from games and HQ’s are great and creative options to show your guests your favorite superheroes. Fans of Star Wars, Superman, Wonder Woman, Super Mario Bros and even series like Big Bang Theory, will be delighted with this decor!


The hipster concept has become a strong trend in the design world. In general, this decoration follows a younger, modern line with a wide variety of materials. To bring this proposal to your signs and comics, there is the possibility to choose between models with silkscreen phrases, engravings, watercolor illustrations, landscapes or charming portraits of your favorite idols. These products are usually delicate and more playful. A real charm!

With care and dedication, it is possible to create an incredible environment with decorative elements!