Tips to escape from slips in home decor

We all have done common mistakes in our homes that disturb the routine without even knowing the reason. Often, we find the answers assessing the scenario from the outside.

Carrying a measuring tape shouldn’t be exclusive to an architect or decorator. It is essential to think about the functionality of the environments and arrangements. Acting on impulse always has consequences and the decoration could not be different. We often hear arguments such as: “I bought it because it was on sale”, “I thought it would match”, “I couldn’t imagine how big the furniture was”, “I paid dearly for a retractable sofa but I can’t open it because of the coffee table” … and so on. Using what you have, let’s cover some topics that can minimize the impacts on your home!

Too many ornaments

To impress your personality without polluting the environment, choose one or two prominent objects for each piece of furniture and discard the others, getting rid of what is no longer perceived. For collectors, the tip is to keep floors and walls in neutral tones, letting the style stand out for the decorative elements and smaller furniture, such as sideboards and side tables. Organizing collections on trays or on shelves on the wall unclogs the fields of view, giving a sense of order.

Lack of seats

The account here is: how many people can be comfortably accommodated at home? If the dining table has four chairs, the living room should accommodate four people, and so on. This proportion rule must always be considered! What’s the use of having an oversized living room and a dining table that caters to a few guests? The lack of space cannot justify the lack of seats. Solutions such as stackable stools, ottomans under sideboards and an extendable dining table will allow you to have options at hand to serve your guests without compromising aesthetics, even.

Mistaken heights

Everything that goes to the wall needs to be planned. Randomly placed pictures can take up a lot of space and give the feeling that the wall has shrunk. As for luminaires and pendants: they must compose the environment without interfering in the fields of vision. Usually the ideal height is indicated by the manufacturer, so always carefully evaluate the placement of pictures on the walls that will make the pendants background.

Proportion of furniture

Bulky furniture requires ample space. Do not get carried away by the price of a promotion or the false feeling of comfort if the passage is obstructed. Study if the furniture will hinder the movement of people when it is in the planned location. The market offers a multitude of bespoke options that will fit perfectly in the available area you have, ensuring good circulation and optimizing spaces. Evaluate comfort versus investment.

Mixing of coatings

The space will appear smaller as there is a greater amount of visual interference, such as prints and colors on the floor and wall. Therefore, investing in light colors and neutral coatings will guarantee the feeling of spaciousness, allowing the boldness to come through the pillows, colors of the objects and curtains. Choose a color palette and from there start the composition of the prints.

In short: they are simple details that, when observed, will bring even more harmony and comfort to the surroundings where we live.