Which Material is the best for me?

We compare some of the most common Home Sign materials and usages so that you don’t have to.

When it comes to Home Signs to decorate your Home or Office, you have several different options. So many options that it may be a bit hard to pick one and you can end spending all day thinking about it. To make the decision easier for you,

Picking the Right Sign Material

All signs more or less do the same thing: decorate and inform. But despite their unique function, there are huge variations in sign materials.

These differences depend just as much on intention as they do on environmental factors. Is the sign going to be displayed in doors or outside? Is it a permanent fixture, or does it need to be portable? Is this a temporary or long-term display? How much exposure will this sign have to the elements?

Probably you have already asked yourself some of these questions, among others. We have compared five of the most common sign materials for your reference.

Comparison of Sign Materials at a Glance

There is no “best” sign material for every Home. Finding the perfect sign board material will always depend upon your needs, budget, and intention.

The following table will give you a quick overview of the main differences between five of the most common materials. Here is a brief evaluation of sign materials according to cost, weight, durability, styles, and appropriateness for outdoor use.

MaterialCostWeightDurabilityStyleHome StyleOutdoor Use?
Acrylic$$$$Medium***Modern, UnusualArt deco, ModernYes
Chalkboard$$$Heavy*****VintageCape Cod, Transitional, ModernNo
Metal$$Light***RetroCraftsman, TransitionalYes *
Printable$Light****ModernFarmhouse, Colonial, Art deco,
Japanese, Prairie
Wooden$$$Medium**Rustic, VintageFarmhouse, Cape Cod,
Spanish, Japanese, Craftsman,
Yes *
* Metal and Wooden Signs can be used Outdoor but require some treatment / maintenance

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